The Psychology of Education

DWQA QuestionsThe Psychology of Education
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Task: Write a 2000 word (+/- 10%) essay that describes and evaluates psychological theory related to
special educational needs.
● For this task you must produce a detailed essay that reviews a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN).
Firstly you must identify how SEN came to be recognised and categorised, and then analyse a range of
SEN, discussing the possible causes, the presenting signs and symptoms and difficulties that may be
● Then concentrating on two SEN, describe and evaluate how psychological theory can be used to plan
educational/learning support for people with these needs. You must relate your suggestions to the difficulties
that the individuals may experience due to their specific needs, and you must evaluate your
recommendations by considering the benefits/strengths as well as problems that may be encountered.
● You must include relevant psychological research/studies/theories to support the points you make.
● Your work should demonstrate a thorough knowledge; higher grades will be awarded for the depth of
knowledge shown. You must include researched evidence throughout this essay and these must be
referenced using the Harvard Referencing System…..To get full solution, please send email to