(Answered) AMP 450v Week 4 Assignment:Critical Decision Making for Providers

View the scenario called “Critical Decision Making for Providers” found in the Allied Health Community media (http://lc.gcumedia.com/hlt307v/allied-health-community/allied-health-community-v1.1.html)

In a 750-1,200 word paper, describe the scenario involving Mike, the lab technician, and answer the following questions:

  1. What were the consequences of a failure to report?
  2. What impact did his decision have on patient safety, on the risk for litigation, on the organization’s quality metrics, and on the workload of other hospital departments?
  3. As Mike’s manager, what will you do to address the issue with him and ensure other staff members do not repeat the same mistakes?

A minimum of three academic references from credible sources are required for this assignment.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


Critical Decision Making for Providers

With the increasing complexity of population health needs, it is considered important for care providers to make the optimal decision for enhancement of patients’ safety and quality of life. Ultimate decision making in healthcare practice improves total health outcomes and quality of care. Taking this into consideration, this paper evaluates a scenario on critical decision-making process for healthcare providers, and the consequences and impacts of a decision. Further, it provides various approaches for improvement of critical decision-making process for providers.

Scenario Description

Mike, the lab technician has reported working late on several occasions leading to his supervisor warning him that he shall be terminated if he clocks into work behind time. The job is considerably important to Mike as he is the sole provider to his wife and their newborn baby. Despite leaving for work 20 minutes earlier than he does normally on this particular day, Mike is running late again due to encountering an accident on his way. Upon arriving at the reception, Mike notices a spill on the floor and he faced with a dilemma on whether to address to report the spill and risk getting late to clock in or ignoring the spill to clock in on time. Mike, for the fear of clocking in late, he ignores the spill and goes ahead to clock in, assuming that it shall be cleaning as he clocks in, after all the spill is in a different work zone.

Consequences of Failure to Report

Mike’s failure to report the spill places patients at the risk of sliding. A female patient steps on the spill and slides and is hospitalized for severe pain and a possible hip break from the injury. The patient questions the hospital safety and seems to lose faith in the hospital’s safety. She notes that she thought the hospital was safe and wonders why the hospital does not have programs for preventing and eliminating such risks. In addition, following the patient fall, Mike is filled with guilt as he thinks that had he reported the spill, the accident would not have occurred. He is faced with yet another dilemma of whether to admit his mistake or not. However, admitting to failure to report the spill might result in him being terminated for putting patients’ lives at risk……Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5