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CITI module

Question 1 Question What is the most appropriate process for research collaborators to use in determining which journal they should submit their work to? Your Answer The research team should […]

CITI Module

Question 1 Question Which of the following is true about conflicts of interest? Your Answer Conflicts of interest increase the likelihood of bias. Result Correct Comment Conflicts of interest do […]

CITI module

Question 1 Question The two main criteria that the National Science Foundation (NSF) uses to evaluate grant proposals are: Your Answer Intellectual merit and broader impact. Result Correct Comment The […]

CITI module

Question 1 Question Which author is normally responsible for sharing reprints of a publication with readers? Your Answer The corresponding author. Result Correct Comment The corresponding author is normally responsible […]

CITI module

Question 1 Question What are the three main goals of data lifecycle management (DLM)? Your Answer Confidentiality, availability, and integrity Result Correct Comment The first two goals of information protection, […]

CITI module

Question 1 Question If a researcher creates the idea for a project and is not listed in the preferred author order position on resulting publications, is this considered to be […]

6415 quiz 2

Question 1 0 out of 4 points What is the distribution alteration in the older adult that can negatively affect drug response compared to the adult? Question 2 4 out […]

Correct Answers: NR542 Week 8: Final Exam

Question 1 20 / 20 pts (CO 3) It is extremely important that we are ethically responsible for the intimate patient content that we input into healthcare databases. When we search these […]

Correct Answers: NR543 Week 8: Final Exam

Question 1 7.5 / 7.5 pts CO 1) Which of the following proposed information-system changes has the greatest likelihood to enhance interdisciplinary communication and shared decision making? Correct! A shared medication-reconciliation process […]