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Solution: NR543 Week 8: Nursing Nomenclature and Terminologies and Using Your Knowledge

Please answer all parts of the question. How would you go about implementing a SNL at your facility? What language(s) that you would select? What, if any, benefits are associated […]

NR543 week 8 quiz

Question 1 2 / 2 pts (CO 4) As your organization’s only INS, you were asked to give an elevator speech to the board of directors on the significance of standardized nomenclatures […]

NR543 week 7 quiz

Question 1 2 / 2 pts (CO 2) Which of the following measures by the INS represents the most effective approach to maintain system and information security? Education of end users   […]

Solution: NR543:Week 7: Week 7: Safeguarding Personal Health Information and the Technology that Houses It

As INS you have been given responsibility for the review and revision of all policies relative to the collection, storage, transmission, and retrieval of personal health data as well as […]

Solution: NR543 Week 7: Security Assessment

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to recognize threats to information and information-system security; identify safeguards to protect information and information-system security; and develop strategies to increase safeguards to […]

Solution: NR543:Week 6: Quiz

Question 1 2 / 2 pts (CO 3) Which of the following behaviors by the INS best exemplifies principles of human-caring, ergonomics, and human-computer interactions when introducing a new clinical system for […]

Solution: NR543: Week 6: Usability

As INS you are aware of the importance of usability with technology and software use. What strategies would you employ to ensure that the technology and software used by your […]

Solution: NR543: Week 5: Quiz

2 / 2 pts Which of the following standards of informatics practice have particular relevance during information system technical support and maintenance. Correct! All of the standards are applicable Only ongoing education, […]

NR543 Week 5: Information-System Support and Evaluation

Please post to one of the following threads then respond to a peer who has posted to the alternative thread: 1. As the INS responsible for the implementation of a […]