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NRNP6635 week 10 case Sarah Higgins

week 10 case Sarah Higgins Name: Sarah Higgins Gender: female Age: 11 years old T- 97.4 P- 58 R 14 98/62 Ht 4’5 Wt 65lbs Background: no history of treatment, […]

Week 4 NR706 Translating Evidence Into Practice

Instructions nr706-translating-evidence-into-practice Select one leading National Practice Problem that is prevalent in your patient population or healthcare setting and address the following: Describe an issue related to the National Practice […]

(Solved) HCA320 Module 8: Medicare and Medicaid

Assignment Description: Signature Assignment: Medicare and Medicaid Consider how people qualify to receive Medicare and/or Medicaid and write a paper that addresses the bullets below. There should be four (4) […]

(Solved) HCA320 Module 7: Healthcare Finance and Private Health Insurance

Assignment Description: Financing Healthcare Consider how compensation for healthcare services shape delivery of care, and reflects policy and policy changes and write a paper that addresses the bullets below. Be […]

HCA320 Module 6 Assignment

Assignment Description: Accountability in Healthcare This assignment will be at least 1500 words. Address each bulleted item (topic) in detail including the questions that follow each bullet. There should be […]

(Solved) HCA320 Module 5:A Global Perspective and the Future

Assignment Description: Global Health, Policy, and the Future This assignment will be a 5 to 7-minute video presentation with slide presentation using a recording format of the student’s selection; a […]

(Solved) HCA320 Module 4: Quality of Healthcare

Assignment Description: Reflect upon the patient experience, patient safety, and healthcare cost as well as Joint Commission’s role in quality healthcare. Write a paper that addresses the following questions: How […]

(Solved) HCA320 Module 3: Leading Change: Nursing and Physician Roles

Assignment Description: Roles of Healthcare Professionals This assignment will be at least 1500 words or more. Reflect on the roles of nurses, and other healthcare professionals as the roles of […]

(Solved) HCA320 Healthcare Reform in the United States

Assignment Description: Healthcare Coverage Gap The ACA was meant to provide quality health care coverage for all yet a coverage gap for some populations especially in states that oppose Medicaid […]