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(Answered) Module 7 Assignment: Health Maintenance Plan for a Selected Disease in a Selected Population

Health Maintenance Plan for a Selected Disease in a Selected Population The purpose of this assignment is to develop a health maintenance plan for a selected Disease, such as asthma, […]

(Answered) NURs506 Policy Analysis Paper

This assignment is an analysis of local, state, or federal health policy.     Select a state health policy reform innovation Discuss the rationale for the policy, how it was […]

(Answered) Cardiovascular/Pulmonary PowerPoint Presentation

Cardiovascular/Pulmonary PowerPoint Presentation Goal: Develop a PowerPoint presentation on a cardiovascular/pulmonary disorder/disease discussed in the text. The presentation must provide information about the incidence, prevalence, and pathophysiology of the disease/disorder […]

(Answered) Module 4 assignment

Self-Assessment Paper The purpose of this paper is to conduct a cultural self-assessment. 1. You will read each of the boxes in Chapter 2 of your textbook (one for each […]

(Answered) NR546 Assignment week 7 case study

NR 546 Week 7 Case Study- child and adolescent Subjective Objective The patient is a 6-year-old male accompanied by his mother and 7-year-old brother.   Patient’s Chief Complaints: “My son […]

(Answered) N491 Module 8 Discussion

Discussion Question: Consider your learning in the course. How have you met the course objectives listed in the syllabus? Has the material in the course changed your professional practice? How […]

(Answered) N491 Module 7 Discussion

Discussion Question: “Nursing should not ‘borrow’ theories from other disciplines.” Refute this statement by providing specific examples from your current nursing practice. Describe the importance of increased nursing collaboration with […]

N491 Module 6: Leininger, Newman, and Watson

Discussion Question: Newman pointed out that, “nurse client relationships often begin during periods of disruption, uncertainty, and unpredictability in patient’s lives” (Smith & Parker, 2015, p. 288). Explore what she […]