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CIS 450 Module 4 Discussion

Discussion Question: Considering your selected topic, what healthcare teams would be essential to help support your new project implementation? How would each identified team help support the integration and outcomes […]

CIS 450 Module 3 Discussion

Discussion Question: Based on your research, what conclusions have you been able to draw related to your final presentation topic? Please describe your final presentation topic and the conclusions you […]

CIS 450 Module 2 Discussion

Discussion Question: This week, you should be locating sources for your Signature Assignment project. What problems are you having locating sources for your project? Is the wording of an article […]

CIS 450 Module 1 Discussion

Discuss your current practice setting and how informatics is involved in your practice. Include what work-related tasks you complete using healthcare informatics and what server your facility uses. Lastly, think […]

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NURS-6411 Module 1 Exam

Question 1 2 out of 2 points The nursing student is surprised to learn that bacteria are used when creating medications using recombinant DNA. How should the nursing instructor explain […]

NURS6411:Module # 2 Case Studies

Module # 2 Module # 2 Module # 2 Case Studies Infectious Diseases Case Studies cannot be answered in this folder. Click on the link in the folder after this one to send me your […]

NR703: Professional DNP Leadership Capacity Assignment

Instructions Include the following in your paper: Introduction: The organizing introduction is the first paragraph that does the following: Introduce the paper’s topic and establishes its importance. Present a clear […]

NR703: Leading & Managing High-Value Healthcare Discussion

For this discussion, review the lesson for this week and identify a practice problem. Using the practice problem, address the following: Investigate the material and human resources needed to support […]