(Answered) ENGL 147 Week 4 Assignment: Con-Position paper

For this assignment, complete the following:
 Review the Toulmin-model outline (Week 2 Lesson) and your completed Week 3
Assignment (Con-Position Proposal). Assess any feedback provided by the professor
and/or your peers.
 Compose a position paper representing the con side of your new topic. (See the Con-
Paper Template). The paper should include approximately 6 developed paragraphs:
o Introduction (with thesis statement)
o Context paragraph
o 3 body paragraphs (focusing on 3 cons)
o Conclusion
 Apply a formal tone appropriate for academic audiences, maintaining an objective
3 rd  person point of view – no 1 st  person (I, me, my, we, our, us, mine) or 2 nd  person (you,
your). Avoid contractions, clichés, and slang terminology.
 Use the provided template to assist in formatting the title page and document.
 Incorporate at least 3 scholarly sources into the paper. Cite all sources in APA format,
both parenthetically and on a reference page.
 Before submission, proofread and edit carefully for spelling, punctuation, and
grammar. Not every error will be flagged automatically in word-processing programs,
and some that are flagged as errors are actually correct.
Writing Requirements (APA format)
 Length: 2-3 pages (not including the title or reference pages)
 1-inch margins
 Double spaced
 12-point Times New Roman font
 Title page
 References page (minimum of 3 academic articles)


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