(Answered) HIST405N Week 8 Assignment: Journal Entry

For this activity, reflect on the course content and address the following:

  • Identify and elaborate on one or two lessons you have learned from our study of United States history that affect you today in your daily life and/or work.
  • Provide advice to the next group of students who will be taking this course.
    • How has this course affected you today in your daily life and/or work?
    • What should incoming students be aware of regarding this class?
    • What strategies did you use that they may find useful?
    • What advice can you provide to help them earn an A?

Writing Requirements

  • Length: 2-3 pages (not including title page)
  • 1-inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Title page


Journal Entry

As the history class comes to an end, I feel that I have acquired substantial knowledge related to American history. The class has been interesting and insightful to a substantial extent. Understandably, the knowledge that I have gained throughout the eight weeks will have a profound impact on my personal as well as career life. Taking this into account, of the topics that will hugely impact my life is that of progressiveness.  This term was coined by Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.  From his speech, I have learned that a progressive is an individual who is committed to forward movement. Specifically, a progressive individual is highly committed to seeing that all members of society succeed in their daily lives. This implies that a progressive is in the frontline when it comes to advocating for the needs of people in society. On this basis, as a nurse, I purpose to become a progressive particularly in this era of COVID-19, which has detrimentally affected the health outcomes of many people in the country. Thus, by being progressive, it means I will be in the frontline in providing the needed care, which in turn will go a long way in enhancing their health outcomes……Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $10