(Answered) NR351Week 5 Discussion: Evidence to Support Nursing Practices


Evidence is necessary to improve our nursing practice. Using the CINAHL database in the Chamberlain Library, search for and locate a scholarly professional nursing journal article that meets these criteria:

  • Full-text
  • English language
  • Peer-reviewed
  • NOT an Evidence-Based Care Sheet or CINAHL Guide
  • Published in the past five years
  • Contains evidence to support a nursing practice in your practice area

Summarize this article in one paragraph. Explain why you selected this article. Provide an APA reference for this article.

Reply to a peer who has selected a different article. Provide feedback on that peer’s article choice and APA reference format. Your peers will also provide feedback on your article choice and APA reference format.


The article selected is a pre-post prospective quasi-experimental study by Adarmouch, Elyacoubi, Dahmash, El Ansari, Sebbani, and Amine (2017). The authors observed that self-management, despite its effectiveness in diabetes care, was not acknowledged. The study thus was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of a culturally-guided self-management education of foot-care self-management practices among diabetes type 2 patients and to identify the factors related to variation in practice….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5