(Answered) NR447 Week 1: The Affordable Care Act

Healthcare reform is a term that is ever present in our practice settings and will not disappear any time soon.

  1. Share with the class implementation of the Affordable Care Act in your organization. (If you are not working as a nurse, think about what was happening when you were a prelicensure student).
  2. How did your fellow healthcare workers react to implementation of the ACA?
  3. How were citizens in your community impacted?


The Affordable Care Act as assisted many people to be to get health insurance at affordable prices. Through that many hospitals have experienced an increase in patient numbers despite the low nursing staff. Most, patients in the low socioeconomic status who suffer major public health problems and can now use this chance to access better health (Finkelman, 2016). Unfortunately, the implementation of ACA has been disapproved by my fellow healthcare workers since it puts the medical centers at risk of getting flooded with patients who will need to be served by a limited number of staff…..lease click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5