(Answered) NR505 Week 5: Data Collection

Data collection is at the center of research because the facts gathered will contribute new information as well as answer the research question. For this discussion, please respond to each of the following topics.

Refine your PICOT question.

Explain your specific research approach (qualitative or quantitative) and how it has the potential to answer your research question.

Discuss you data collection method, addressing strengths and identifying one potential weakness.

Identify the actions you are proposing that will help ensure that quality data may be produced by your EBP project.


The following is the refined PICOT question for the EBP project proposal:

“For women at risk for or with breast cancer (P), does use of breast cancer management/prevention educational intervention (I) as compared to no educational intervention (C) help in improving women’s health and quality of life by 25% (O) over a period of 3 months (T)? Following the fact that the EBP proposal aims at delivering measurable outcomes presentable in numerical formats, it will utilize a quantitative research approach. This will render it easier for the research to produce valid, consistent, and reliable results which can be used in drawing deductions and making inferences for large population groups (Lin et al., 2017)…….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5