Reflect on the concepts and practices you have learned in NR506 on healthcare systems, politics, and health policy. Read the article that is linked below and share insights as how to make informed decisions on nursing practice and patient outcomes on a global basis.  In addition, state how you will apply what you have learned in this course to your upcoming practicum experience.


This course has provided me with extensive knowledge regarding the concept of healthcare policymaking as well as the role of advocacy in nursing practice. I feel more responsible and accountable for improving the state of health for the patient population and the community by influencing positive changes in healthcare policy through advocacy. Most importantly, I believe I can bring forth positive impact to the entire globe at large. The article linked contemplates on physical inactivity as a global health concern that has continued to impact many people’ lives negatively (Kohl et al., 2012). In the current times, many populations across the globe are increasingly undergoing transitions in relation to physical activities marked by widespread physical fitness associated diseases such as overweight and obesity (Malhotra, Noakes, & Phinney, 2015)…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5