(Answered) NR507 Week 5: Open Forum Discussion

Describe the presentation you would expect to see in a three-month-old baby boy with pyloric stenosis.

  1. What is the etiology of pyloric stenosis?
  2. How does the pathophysiological process of pyloric stenosis lead to the signs and symptoms?
  3. What teaching would the FNP provide to the parents who are managing this infant at home?


Pyloric stenosis is defined as a condition affects the gastrointestinal tract in babies and it is considered serious as it demands immediate treatment (Rogers, 2016). The expected presented of pyloric stenosis in a three-month-old baby include vomiting which begins as often spitting followed by projectile vomiting; stool changes including constipation and excretion of fewer and smaller stools; weight loss and failure to gain weight; dehydration characterized by sunken fontanel, sunken eyes, and wrinkled skin; and waves of peristalsis which are described as increased contractions of the stomach producing notable ripples (Rogers, 2016)….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5