You are working in Second Life now completing a number of activities. What do you see as a benefit to augmenting course assignments through the use of a virtual learning environment (VLE)? How do you see the advanced practice nurse using VLE in their practice?


Within nursing practice, innovative learning strategies that enable the simulation of real world situations are essential. The virtual world of Second Life (SL) offers to the nurse educators the opportunity to develop significant, simulated learning experiences that are pertinent to the real world of the nursing practice as it presents real scenarios which provide the nurses with various educational activities such as developing and writing the scenarios. As stated by Potkonjak et al (2016), virtual learning in SL guides the critical thinking of the student’s to extend beyond the patient and the disease as it forces them to equally think of the appropriate diagnostic tests and the necessary procedures for the scenario and most importantly, the patient. This advances the student’s gathered knowledge to a new advanced level as the student usually has all essential information within the scenario. In addition, the virtual scenario enables the students to participate in the scenario without causing any harm to patients…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5