(Answered) NR535 Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

This week, we started to look at various philosophies of teaching and learning. In Week 3, you will be asked to submit your Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Learning using a voice-over PowerPoint presentation. This week, start to write your philosophy of teaching and learning and post your initial philosophy. Then review two of your classmates’ philosophy statements and provide constructive feedback on their philosophy statements.   Your instructor will be monitoring the Collaboration Cafe but not participating, because this is your opportunity to give and receive feedback from your peers. The Collaboration Cafe is graded this week (25 points). Please see the guidelines and rubric for more information.


I believe that students have varying abilities and learning styles. As such, it is important to adopt multimodal teaching methods to reach students with different learning styles. This will make it easier to connect with each student and facilitate learning. I also believe in providing a safe environment where learners can explore and encourage curiosity. This is because knowledge is acquired through discovery and experimentation. Besides transferring knowledge, I believe in providing guidance and actively involve the students to discover processes and relationships and give them enough time and freedom…To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $5