(Answered) NR535 Week 3: Cultural Competence Versus Humility

Explain the difference between cultural competence and humility. Give a specific example of how this is seen in your current position or how you would implement this in the nurse educator role.


There are significant differences between cultural competence and cultural humility. First cultural competence is the ability to interact effectively with people from a different culture and it is more of a learned or taught skill (Campinha-Bacote, 2019). In contrast, cultural humility is the ability to maintain an interpersonal stance that is other-oriented or being open to others. As such, a key difference in these two concepts is that cultural competence is conceptualized as an endpoint and an individual can learn a quantifiable set of attitudes and skills that allow her or him to work effectively in a diverse…To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $5