(Answered) NRS 440 week 5 Discussion 1

Identify the educational preparation and role(s) of the clinical nurse leader (CNL) designation. Give an example of how the CNL influences direct patient care whether in a hospital or out in the community


With time, the educational preparation and the roles of the clinical nurse leader (CNL) have encountered a mixed response within the field of nursing basically because there is inadequate understanding regarding approaches to transfer of its roles and purpose within clinical practice and the clear distinction between the roles of CNL and those of other nursing roles such as clinical nurse specialist and clinical nurse educator. According to King and Sally Gerard (2016), a CNL is an advanced nurse whose who ought to have a master’s degree in order to gain the authenticity to work in diverse states within the United States with extensive knowledge and skills for delivering competent and quality care to the patients as well as managing others nurses via appropriate leadership…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5