(Answered) NRS 451VN Topic 3 Assignment: Executive Summary

Executive Summary
In this assignment, you will propose a quality improvement initiative from your place of employment that could easily
be implemented if approved. Assume you are presenting this program to the board for approval of funding. Write an
executive summary (750-1,000 words) to present to the board, from which the board will make its decision to fund
your program or project. Include the following:
1. The purpose of the quality improvement initiative.
2. The target population or audience.
3. The benefits of the quality improvement initiative.
4. The interprofessional collaboration that would be required to implement the quality improvement initiative.
5. The cost or budget justification.
6. The basis upon which the quality improvement initiative will be evaluated.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success
Center. An abstract is not required.


Executive Summary

Healthcare systems encounter various problems such as clinical variations, hospital-acquired infections (HIAs), preventable medical errors, preventable patient readmission, and delays with patient discharge, just to mention a few (Ziaeian & Fonarow, 2016). These problems negatively affect the quality of patient care, resulting in poor health outcomes. Healthcare organizations must focus on quality improvement (QI) to ensure the delivery of best and quality care to patients. According to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ] (2019), QI is the systematic and on-going actions that result in measurable improvement in healthcare services as well as the health outcomes of the targeted patient populations. Taking this into account this paper will identify a QI initiative of implementing a comprehensive discharge program. The paper will include the purpose of the QI initiative, the target population/audience, the benefits of the QI initiative, the interprofessional collaboration required for the QI implementation, the cost/budget justification, and the basis of QI evaluation.

The Purpose of the QI

The identified QI is the implementation of comprehensive discharge programs for patients with heart failure (HF) to prevent patient readmission within 30-days post-discharge. According to Chamberlain, Sond, Mahendraraj, Lau, and Siracuse (2018), approximately 20 percent of discharged patients encounter adverse health events within 3 weeks following discharge, making readmissions a major concern for healthcare systems. Out of the 20 percent, 3 out of 4 events are preventable or reversible. Among the common post-discharge complications that result in readmissions are adverse drug events, HIAs, and procedural complications….Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $10