(Answered) NRS 451VN Week 1 Assignment : Professionalism and Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of nurses in both their professional and personal lives. Additionally,
social media is now considered a mainstream part of the process for recruiting and hiring candidates. Inappropriate or
unethical conduct on social media can create legal problems for nurses as well as the field of nursing.
Login to all social media sites in which you engage. Review your profile, pictures and posts. Based on the
professional standards of nursing, identify items that would be considered unprofessional and potentially detrimental
to your career and that negatively impact the reputation of the nursing field.
In 500-750 words, summarize the findings of your review. Include the following:
1. Describe the posts or conversations in which you have engaged that might be considered inappropriate
based on the professional standards of nursing.
2. Discuss why nurses have a responsibility to uphold a standard of conduct consistent with the standards
governing the profession of nursing at work and in their personal lives. Include discussion of how personal
conduct can violate HIPAA or be considered unethical or unprofessional. Provide an example of each to
support your answer.
3. Based on the analysis of your social media, discuss what areas of your social media activity reflect Christian
values as they relate to respecting human value and dignity for all individuals. Describe areas of your social
media activity that could be improved.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success
Center. An abstract is not required.


Professionalism and Social Media

Social media is highly fundamental in nurses’ professional as well as personal lives. Nursing professionals often use social media for various purposes including communication, recruitment, sharing information and so forth. However,  social media brings forth great responsibility. Sometimes, as nurses navigate the social media and networking sites, blogs, chat rooms, and public forums, they unconsciously approach dangerously thin lines between personal and professional online behaviors, running the risk of breaching state and/ or federal laws (Westrick, 2016). This assignment will review and describe conversations or posts that I have engaged with that might be inappropriate, referring to the professional nursing standards; discuss nurses’ responsibility in upholding the standard of conduct; and areas of my social media activity that reflect Christian values in relation to human dignity and values.

Inappropriate Conversations or Posts

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