(Answered) NRS490 Week 3 Discussion 1

Submit a summary of six of your articles on the discussion board. Discuss one strength and one weakness to each of these six articles on why the article may or may not provide sufficient evidence for your practice change.


Abajobir, A. A., Maravilla, J. C., Alati, R., & Najman, J. M. (2016). A systematic review and meta-analysis of the association between unintended pregnancy and perinatal depression. Journal of affective disorders192, 56-63.

This is a system review and meta-analysis of 26 articles to find out how unintended pregnancy and use of progestin-only contraceptive influence perinatal depression. It finds out that in spite of community’s perceptions that increased intake of progesterone contraceptives increases depression, the study establishes extremely minimal evidences to support the perceptions. The strength of the article is that it applies a reasonable number and type of articles for analysis. However, the study does not fully exploit all evidences regarding its objective….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5