(Answered) NURS 6053 week 3 discussion Organizational Policies and Practices to Support Healthcare Issues

Post an explanation of how competing needs, such as the needs of the workforce, resources, and patients, may impact the development of policy. Then, describe any specific competing needs that may impact the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected. What are the impacts, and how might policy address these competing needs? Be specific and provide examples.


The healthcare issue selected in module one is the rising cost of healthcare. The rising cost of healthcare care is a key issue affecting both the healthcare organizations and the patients. For instance, the rising care hinders the patients from seeking preventive care (Branning & Vater, 2016). The key competing needs in regards to the national issue of the rising cost of care, the competing needs namely the resources, patients, and the workforce continue to impact the development of the resources.To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $5