(Answered) Nurs 6640 week 7 Assignment 1: Supportive Psychotherapy Versus Interpersonal Psychotherapy

In a 1- to 2-page paper, address the following:
 Briefly describe how supportive and interpersonal psychotherapies are similar.
 Explain at least three differences between these therapies. Include how these
differences might impact your practice as a mental health counselor.
 Explain which therapeutic approach you might use with clients and why. Support your
approach with evidence-based literature.


Supportive and Interpersonal Psychotherapy Approaches

The rising prevalence of mental health problems has led to intensive research of the effectiveness and efficacy of various psychotherapy interventions in order to establish the most productive for different psychiatric health needs (Wheeler, 2014). Among these approaches are supportive and interpersonal approaches used for treating mental disorders. This paper discusses the similarities and differences between the two approaches, the impact of their differences in practice, and the preferred treatment approach with rationale.

Similarities between Supportive and Interpersonal Psychotherapy Approaches

The similarity between supportive and interpersonal psychotherapies is that both are used to treat psychological health problems and their main purpose is to cause a therapeutic effect to the patients suffering mental health disorders (Odejayi & Flynn, 2017).

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