Students will select a Healthy People 2020 objective and after approval by the instructor, the student will write a paper demonstrating comprehension of the specific topic/area to be addressed, and describe plans for a project for implementation and evaluation of the objective.  Each student will also give a presentation about the project in class. Please note that the power point presentation for the 8221 Seminar should reflect the paper contents following the health promotion paper and presentation rubric. Students who receive a grade of 80 or below will be required to go to the GSU Writing Center for an in-person appointment to assist them in developing their scholarly writing skills and provide written proof to the instructor that they have done so.  The paper is subject to be submitted to Safe Assign at the discretion of the instructor.

. The following criteria are used for the written report and presentation of the project:

Evaluation of the written scholarly paper(80 points)


5 pts     Broad introduction to the Health People 2020 Objective

5 pts     Purpose /focus of the paper

10pts    Significance

  1. What issue or concern triggered the need for this objective?
  2. What is the scope of this issue/concern in the community?

30pts    Review of the literature

  1. What is the current state of knowledge about this issue/concern; what is already known about this issue/concern?
  2. What are some strengths and weaknesses of previous programs/activities addressing this issue/concern?
  3. The review of the literature must include at least 5 scholarly journal articles

5 pts     Participants

  1. Who is the target group? What is the rationale for selecting this group?
  2. What age/gender/cultural variables impact the presentation of information?

15 pts   Objectives/ Content/ Materials

Use the table at the bottom of this page and incorporate/insert it into the body of your paper.

  1. At least two objectives stated in clear and measurable terms (e.g.“At the conclusion of this program/activity, the audience/participants should….”
  2. Content to be covered in the project
  3. Necessary materials to implement the project with associated costs

5 pts     Publicity

  1. How will the program/activity be publicized?  Who will assist in such marketing?

5 pts     Plan for evaluation of the activity/program


Learning Objective

(what do you want them to learn?)

Content Outline

(what information are you going to cover?)

Strategies and materials

(how are you going to teach this?)


(how will you know they learned?)



Quality of the presentation and paper (20 points)

2.5 pts Powerpoint does not exceed more than 10 slides not including the title and

reference slides

2.5 pts   Paper does not exceed more than 10 pages not including the title and reference pages

5 pts     Minimal spelling, typographical and grammatical errors in paper and on powerpoint slides

5 pts     A minimum of 5 scholarly journal articles current within the past 3 years

5 pts     6th edition APA format must used in both the paper and presentation for all citations and



Health Promotion

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, improving population health in the United States has been top of agenda in most national discourses. It has long been realized that with the dynamic nature of the healthcare system in the country, there is a considerable need to put various strategies in place in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the people in the country. Healthy People 2020 initiative has provided a formidable platform for the prevention agenda of the federal government for building a healthier nation. In light of this, Healthy People 2020 initiative typically outlines a comprehensive set of overarching goals aimed at improving the health status of Americans while reducing health disparities (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2019). Among these goals is TU-2 Reduce tobacco use by adolescents. This objective acknowledges that tobacco use among adolescents in the United States has been on the rise over the last couple of years. Therefore, putting in place pragmatic approaches to reduce tobacco use by adolescents is imperative to a considerable extent.


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