(Answered) NURs506 Policy Analysis Paper

This assignment is an analysis of local, state, or federal health policy.



  1. Select a state health policy reform innovation
  2. Discuss the rationale for the policy, how it was adopted (e.g., federal waivers, passage by state legislature), the funding structure, and (to the extent statistical data are available) its impact. ethical outcome based on evidence.
  3. Examples of state innovations include Maryland’s hospital rate setting, Vermont’s single payer system, and Massachusetts’ health reforms


Policy Analysis Paper

Different U.S states have and continue to implement health policy reforms. In Florida healthcare policy involved creating and implementing laws, rules, and regulations to manage the healthcare system which comprises healthcare services, healthcare providers, and other players from related sectors e.g. pharmaceuticals, insurance, and health information technology (HIT) (Ballotpedia, 2021). Healthcare affects a myriad of factors including cost of care, access to care, and quality of care provided. The key important healthcare policy issue is the increasing healthcare cost which continues to strain state budgets and the consumer’s disposable income. Among the healthy policy reforms, the Florida state has made is the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Birkland, 2019). This has brought forth a healthcare policy issue of state Medicaid expansion, shortage of nurses and physicians, the gap between insured and uninsured, political divide about insurance between the democrats and republicans, etc. (Norris, 2020). Florida State has not adopted Medicaid expansion allowed under the ACA, thus, the ACA does not offer subsidies to persons whose income falls below the poverty level as the law requires them to have Medicaid (Ballotpedia, 2021). This causes a coverage gap as those not eligible for Medicaid and with low income for exchange subsidies are left uninsured and with no means to afford healthcare services. According to Norris (2020), 391,000 Florida citizens fell into the Medicaid coverage gap. The Senate and House of Florida are controlled by republicans which have continued to make it difficult for Democrats to push for Medicaid expansion.

The Rationale for Medicaid under ACA in Florida

            The ACA (HR 3962) was a bill by the U.S House of Representatives, 11th congress on crafted on 29th October 2009 and sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel. The Obama administration ..To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $10