(Answered) DNP-805 TOPIC 4 DQ1

1-Select a defined patient population for example; diabetic patients over 65 years of age. List
elements that you think will be valuable in a database. Describe each element and explain each
terms of its type of data (text, numbers, date, time, binary, etc.). If an element can be more than
one type of data explain how that is possible. Be sure to post an element different from that of
your peers.


The pivotal role of databases in the realm of nursing practice cannot be overlooked. This is according to Yao (2017), who has articulated that healthcare database systems typically provide an essential way of monitoring as well as improving the value of healthcare services. With effective databases in place, patients can expect better healthcare, lower costs, improved efficiency and better clinical decision making. For this particular discussion, the selected population is obese children….Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5