NR531 Week 2:Nurse Administrator Role in Nursing Care Delivery Models and Systems

At the most recent senior leadership meeting, you as the chief nursing officer reported a trend toward nursing shortage on several units. The human resources director reported that even with open nursing positions, because of the shortage of nurses available within your recruitment area, there have been very few applying to fill them.

The critical care units have experienced the greatest attrition recently and using the primary care nursing care delivery model is becoming difficult to do consistently. The decision is made to hire more nursing assistants to assist during this shortage.

As the CNO, you must introduce a different nursing care delivery model that includes using nursing assistants in the units involved. Address the following related to this scenario:

Discuss the model you will use and include your rationale for the choice.
Describe the impact this new model will have on the organization.
What challenges to the change will you face?
What strategies will you use to facilitate the change?

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