NRS434 week Topic 2 DQ 2

Compare the physical assessment of a child to that of an adult. In addition to describing the similar/different aspects of the physical assessment, explain how the nurse would offer instruction during the assessment, how communication would be adapted to offer explanations, and what strategies the nurse would use to encourage engagement.


The adult and children have different physical, mental, and development assessment. The adults are more effective in communicating with the nurses about their symptoms and thus, their assessment mainly includes a series of questions concerning their health and past medical history. In assessing a child, the questions are mainly directed to the guardian as the children are not effective in describing what they feel and are not comfortable speaking to a stranger. In both child and adult assessment, the primary step is obtaining their demographic data include name, age, sex, address, fathers’ name, socio-economic status, occupations, and preferences. In children, medical history mainly includes the head circumference, any infection,…Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5