Solution: NR543: Week 6: Usability

As INS you are aware of the importance of usability with technology and software use. What strategies would you employ to ensure that the technology and software used by your stakeholders reflects user-centered design? Remember to provide your rationale for your response.


As INS, besides being aware of the importance of usability, I am also aware of my role as an advocate for the end-users. In advocacy, I ought to ensure that the technology and software being used by my stakeholder is usable and reflects user-centered designs. The strategy to achieve this is through a usability test. According to Staggers (2019), usability tests are human-computer interaction (HCI) approach to collecting participant feedback on the usability of the product. The usability testing is an iterative design process and thus, would begin from the very first stage of system development, that is, design to ensure that the blueprints, prototypes, etc. meet the end-user requirements. The individual and group assessment would ensure repetition of the system evaluation at the design phases until it is acceptable to……Click the link below to purchase the full solution