The purpose of this assignment is to provide the graduate nursing student opportunity to practice reading and critiquing research articles for application to an evidence-based practice.

Course outcomes

  1. Integrate evidence-based practice and research to support advancement of holistic nursing care in diverse healthcare settings. (PO 1)
  2. Integrate knowledge related to evidence-based practice and person-centered care to improve healthcare outcomes. (PO 1, 5)
  3. Develop knowledge related to research and evidence-based practice as a basis for designing and critiquing research studies. (PO 1, 5)
  4. Analyze research findings and evidence-based practice to advanced holistic nursing care initiatives that promote positive healthcare outcomes. (PO 1,5)

Due Date: Sunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of WEEK 6

Total Points Possible: 130 points


Description of the Assignment

During NR505 you will write three research article critiques. Each critique will involve writing a two-page analysis of an article as well as completing the Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool that is applicable to the article (qualitative, quantitative or Non-research evidence). For Week 6 you will critique a qualitative research article.

Criteria for Content

  1. Introduction: Provide introduction to article topic/focus, authors and specific aim of assignment.
  2. Critique of Article (Body):
    1. Identify the type of qualitative method of the study.
    2. Content of critique should include at a minimum:
      1. participant sampling,
      2. questionnaires/tools,
      3. ethics,
      4. analysis of findings,
      5. limitations,
      6. discussion section,
      7. Summary: Application (translation) to practice specialty, and future implications.
    3. Refer to and complete the Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool.

Article Review Steps

Step 1: Go to the Chamberlain Library and select a qualitative research article on your topic of interest published within the last three (3) years.

Step 2: Write a two-page critique of the article in a Word Doc supported by course readings.

Step 3: Complete the Johns Hopkins Quantitative Research Appraisal Tool. No credit for partially completed sections of The Appraisal Tool.

Step 4: Upload your Word doc analysis and Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool (in the appendix) to TurnItIn.

Preparing the Assignment:

  1. APA Format according to current edition.
  2. Word Doc
  3. Word Doc Format:

Cover page, no abstract, introduction (no heading per APA), body of the paper/review, reference list, appendix with Johns Hopkins appraisal doc. For review sections refer to your readings and the Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool.

List should include the chosen article and other resources used to construct the review, such as course textbook, Johns Hopkins Evidence Based Practice: Model and Guidelines, and How to Read a Paper by Greenhalgh (2014).


The article” Heart failure home management challenges and reasons for readmission: a qualitative study to understand the patient’s perspective” by Sevilla-Cazes et al. (2018) explored the lived experiences of the patients with heart failure. precisely, it investigated the challenges that HF patients face with home self-care as well as the factors that contribute to readmission. In light of this, this paper seeks to provide a critique of the above qualitative article…Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $10