(Answered) socw 6060 Assignment 1: “Captain of the Ship” Project – Bipolar Disorders

Recommend psychopharmacologic treatments based on therapeutic end points for
clients with bipolar disorders
 Recommend psychotherapy based on therapeutic end points for clients with bipolar
 Identify medical management needs for clients with bipolar disorders
 Identify community support resources for clients with bipolar disorders
 Recommend follow-up plans for clients with bipolar disorders
To prepare for this Assignment:
 Select an adult or older adult client with a bipolar disorder that you have seen in your
In 3-4 pages, write a treatment plan for your client. In which you do the following:
 Describe the HPI and clinical impression for the client.
 Recommend psychopharmacologic treatments and describe specific and therapeutic
end points for your psychopharmacologic agent. (This should relate to HPI and clinical
 Recommend psychotherapy choices (individual, family, and group) and specific
therapeutic endpoints for your choices.
 Identify medical management needs, including primary care needs, specific to this
 Identify community support resources (housing, socioeconomic needs, etc.) and
community agencies that are available to assist the client.
 Recommend a plan for follow-up intensity and frequency and collaboration with other


Bipolar Disorders

The purpose of this assignment is to provide treatment recommendations and identify medical management, support resources within the community, and follow-up plan for a client diagnosed with bipolar disorder as observed within the practicum. Included in the paper is a description of the client’s HPU and clinical impression, psychopharmacologic and psychotherapy interventions, medication management needs, community support resources, and follow-up plan for the patient as well as collaboration with other providers.

HPI and Clinical Impression

J.M, a 22-year-old female presents to the clinic accompanied by her mother. The mother describes J. M’s behavior as bizarre and also reports that she has inappropriate laughter and Grandiose ideas of delusional intensity. Further, the mother reports that she has been spending a huge sum of money on binge shopping. Recently, police were called to take her following exhibition of inappropriate sexual behaviors in public. The mother reports that J.M has had numerous psychotic process episodes and her first episode was when she was thirteen. It lasted around 21 days and she was hospitalized and treated for psychosis with Lithium. In regards to clinical impression, J.M denied danger to self via self-injury….To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $10