(Answered) DNP-805 TOPIC 5 DQ2

Using the clinical question you identified from above, determine the individual components to that question and pinpoint the location in the hypothetical database where the information you require will be extracted.


Developing a well-focused-question is critical as reduces the time used to identify the most appropriate resources as well as relevant evidence.  As such, most of the practitioner uses the PICO framework to formulate the question as well as support search of the relevant evidence.  Basically, PICO stands for (P)-patient, problem or population, I-intervention, C-comparison and lastly O for the outcome.  Based on this discussion, the clinical question formulated in discussion 1 to facilitate the search for the answer was:

In CHF patients does the use of a comprehensive discharge plan in comparison to normal care helps in reducing hospital readmission rates within a period of 30 days? Below are the individual components of this question:

Patient (P): CHF patients

Intervention (I): A comprehensive discharge plan….Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5