(Answered) ENGL 147 Week 4 discussion: Source Evaluation

Part 2: Application
Discuss how credible the source is using the CRAAP evaluation model. Detail as many of the 5 components as possible:

  1. Currency: How up-to-date is the resource? Why is the date of publication important?
  2. Relevance: How significant is the information in the resource to the topic? Is there a direct coalition to the subject matter? Is the source a primary or secondary source? What makes the source appropriate for an academic paper?
  3. Authority: What makes the source credible? What is the publishing body? What are the authors’ credentials? Provided info on both.
  4. Accuracy: Was the source peer-reviewed (how do you know?)? Were sources cited in the work? What makes the source reliable?
  5. Purpose: Why was this source created? What is its original intent (inform? persuade? entertain?). Did you notice any particular agenda or bias in the source?

Please use specific examples and cite your sources in APA format. Sometimes, we have to do extra research on the authors or publishing bodies. Those sources should be cited as well.


Research Article Evaluation and Application

Shaw, D.M. (2017, July).The consequences of Vagueness in consent to organ donation.Bioethics, 31 (6), 424-43.Doi.org/10.1111/bioe.12335

This article holds that the vagueness regarding consent to carry out an organ transplant leads to several detrimental effects. Potential donators often provide unclear information about the organs that they wish to donate under which circumstances. As a result, the family and friends of the potential donors have to go through extreme anxiety before they allow the post-mortem organ transfer. The source is current and timely considering its date of publication. Since this is a scientific-related topic, it is arguable to use the most current and updated source…….Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5