(Answered) ENGL147 Week 6 Discussion 1: Rebuttals and Refutations

Part 1: Research & Review
Review this week's lesson and reading. Find an academic source to back up your
opposition's point of view. This is a new source, in addition to the source you located
last week.
Part 2: Application
Anticipating readers' objections is one way to determine what other sections to include
and support in your paper. Practice writing a counterargument that applies the Toulmin
model. Incorporate one of the new sources you have gathered to present your
opposition's point. Strive for at least 5 developed sentences. Cite your source in APA
1. Grounds / 1st Counterargument (your opposition's point)
2. Backing (establish credibility of the source)
3. Warrant (evidence)
4. Possible concession / conclusion
Answer the following prompts:
 How were you able to remain objective while presenting the opponent's point of view?
 What challenges did you face obtaining evidence to back up the assertion?
 Which conciliatory approach did you apply and why?
 How was it effective?


One of the main characteristics of an effective rebuttal to an opinion is a strong counterargument. Also, it is crucial to be charitable every time you present opposing arguments. For this reason, I gave each case fairly and objectively instead of trying to make it appear unreasonable. I considered the many sides of the issue and not just attacking or mocking the opponents. According to Van Laar (2016), it is necessary to find one or two severe counterarguments with a lot of emphases rather than giving a long but notable list of many different counterarguments and replies. Besides, I ensured that my responses were consistent with the original argument…Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5