(Answered) ENGL 147 Week 7 Discussion: Revision Plan

Part 2: Application
Prior to beginning work on this reflection, refer to the feedback you have been given by
your instructor and peers over the past weeks plus any additional experiences you have
with the writing process covered in the course. Reflection is an important part of the
writing process. Examine how the writing process has been going for you with your
essay up to this point.
Then, explain the results of your paper review with your peers.
1. Detail the 3 most significant issues found in your draft feedback, placing them in the
order of importance (the basis for a revision plan of action). As you write, be specific in
which areas you are referring to, such as the introduction, claim, counterargument,
etc., and how it relates to your experience with the writing process.
2. Research ways to correct the problem, in our textbook and lesson, library writing
references, or external sources. Provide an example of at least one corrected based
on these resources.


This semester has equipped me with skills that I needed to write persuasive arguments and their subsequent counter-arguments. However, I realized that I could improve my essays through reading, revising, and proofreading my work. As a result, I discovered some faults with my introduction, forming a logic and sequence argument, and not focusing on the main point. Regarding introduction in most of my earlier narrative essays failed to grab my attention. According to Woodside (2015), having the right choice of words is the best way to get the readers interest in your paper. After carefully observing my peers and tutor’s feedback, my revision plan was to keep my introduction clear and straightforward. That way, I would not only grab the ‘reader’s attention but also retain it until the end….Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5