(Answered) Homework Topic 3

Write a 650-800 word response to the following questions:

  1. Explain multicultural communication and its origins.
  2. Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation.
  3. Explain how cultural and religious differences affect the health care professional and the issues that can arise in cross-cultural communications.
  4. Discuss family culture and its effect on patient education.
  5. List some approaches the health care professional can use to address religious and cultural diversity.
  6. List the types of illiteracy.
  7. Discuss illiteracy as a disability.
  8. Give examples of some myths about illiteracy.
  9. Explain how to assess literacy skills and evaluate written material for readability.
  10. Identify ways a health care professional may establish effective communication.
  11. Suggest ways the health care professional can help a patient remember instructions.


Explain multicultural communication and its origins.

Multicultural communication defines all aspects of human communication between groups of people from diverse social groups and cultures. The concept originated back in the pre-colonial period when people moved from one location to another to trade and settle for greener pastures (Levinson, 2016). Multicultural communication was important to open the global markets and tap into greater opportunities during the industrialization period. For example, an organization with American origin workers, Indians, and Africans, has similar needs, feelings, interests, and value systems. These people have diverse cultural affiliations but are united through multicultural communication…..Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $10