(Answered) MATH399N Week 6 Assignment: Course Project Part I

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 8
  • Lesson


You will complete a Course Project in this course that will span two weeks. The final project is due the Sunday of Week 7. The project is broken into two parts. You will complete Part I in Week 6 and Part II in Week 7. In Week 6, Confidence Intervals will be explored and in Week 7 Hypothesis testing will be explored.

A confidence interval is a defined range of values such that there is a specified probability that the value of a parameter lies within the interval.

In Part I of this project, you will pick a topic, complete research and provide a write-up that includes calculations. Round all values to two decimal places when appropriate.


  1. Choose a Topic where you can gather at least 50 pieces of data.

Examples of Topics

  1. The Golden Gate Warriors Points Per Game in 2016 (use the points scored in the first 50 games).
  2. High School Graduation Rates by State (use the graduation rates for all 50 states)
  3. Average Tuition Rates in the US (You have to find the tuition rates of 50 college/universities).
  4. The prices of a hotel room per night in a major city (You have to find the price of the same night of hotels in one city).
  5. Weights of 50 babies at birth.
  1. Write at least a 1-Page Report

Open a Word Document

  1. Introduction–Provide a description of your topic and cite where you found your data.
  2. Sample Data—Include a 5×10 table including your 50 values in your report. You must provide ALL of your sample data.
  3. Problem Computations—For the topic you chose, you must answer the following:
  • Determine the mean and standard deviation of your sample.
  • Find the 80%, 95%, and 99% confidence intervals.
  • Make sure to list the margin of error for the 80%, 95%, and 99% confidence interval.
  • Create your own confidence interval (you cannot use 80%, 95%, and 99%) and make sure to show your work. Make sure to list the margin of error.
  1. Problem Analysis—Write a half-page reflection.
  • What trend do you see takes place to the confidence interval as the confidence level rises? Explain mathematically why that takes place.
  • Provide a sentence for each confidence interval created in part c) which explains what the confidence interval means in context of topic of your project.
  • Explain how Part I of the project has helped you understand confidence intervals better?
  • How did this project help you understand statistics better?

Required Software

Microsoft Office: Word and Excel

Use a personal copy or access the software at


Course Project Part I

The purpose of this project is to compute confidence intervals based on confidence levels. The project uses average per capita personal income in 50 state of the U.S in 1980. The source of the data is infoplease.com.

Sample Data

State Average income 1980
Alabama $7,465
Alaska 13,007
Arizona 8,854
Arkansas 7,113
California 11,021
Colorado 10,143
Connecticut 11,532
Delaware 10,059
DC 12,251
Florida 9,246
Georgia 8,021
Hawaii 10,129
Idaho 8,105
Illinois 10,454
Indiana 8,914
Iowa 9,226
Kansas 9,880
Kentucky 7,679
Louisiana 8,412
Maine 7,760
Maryland 10,394
Massachusetts 10,103
Michigan 9,801
Minnesota 9,673
Mississippi 6,573
Missouri 8,812
Montana $8,342
Nebraska 8,895
Nevada 10,848
New Hampshire 9,150
New Jersey 10,966
New Mexico 7,940
New York 10,179
North Carolina 7,780
North Dakota 8,642
Ohio 9,399
Oklahoma 9,018
Oregon 9,309
Pennsylvania 9,353
Rhode Island 9,227
South Carolina 7,392
South Dakota 7,800
Tennessee 7,711
Texas 9,439
Utah 7,671
Vermont 7,957
Virginia 9,413
Washington 10,256
West Virginia 7,764
Wisconsin 9,364


Problem Computations

The mean of the sample is:

Count, N:        50

Sum, Σx:         458442

Mean, x̄:          458442/50=9168.84

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