(Answered) NGR 5056C: Discussion #3:Assessment of Depressive and Bipolar Disorders

Discussion #3:

D.4.1:  Mood disorders are the most common of all psychiatric illnesses. PMHNP’s must distinguish between normal levels of sadness and pathological levels that are symptomatic of an underlying brain-based illness called major depression. Major depression and bipolar disorders if left untreated predispose people to other serious health problems, so pathological levels of depression and mania must be carefully assessed and treated.

D.4.2. Initial Psychiatric Evaluation #1. Complete your initial evaluation of a client with either an anxiety, depressive or bipolar disorder for this assignment and discussion. There are two initial psychiatric evaluation assignments this semester. One will be an adult assessment and depending on your clinical site, one should be a child or adolescent assessment


D.4.1:  Mood disorders are the most common of all psychiatric illnesses.

Discussion #3: Initial Psychiatric Evaluation 1 (Adult)


Psychiatric Evaluation for Adult

Patient Name: Mrs. K

Identifying Information:      The patient is a 39 year-old widowed, unemployed Native American woman with 3 children, who presented to the Emergency Unit in acute distress. Patient was not admitted.

Chief complaint:                    “I am full of despair and sorrow since the death of my loved husband.”

History of present illness:     Pertinent history in record:  Absence of intrusive and compulsive                                                     thoughts, obsessive or ritualistic acts.Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5