(Answered) NR 439 WEEK 3 Discussion: The Literature Review and Searching for Evidence

You must access the following article to answer the questions:

Baker, N., Taggart, H., Nivens, A. & Tillman, P. (2015). Delirium: Why are nurses confused? MedSurg

Nursing, 24(1), 15-22. permalink (Links to an external site.)
 Locate the literature review section. Summarize using your own words from one of the
study/literature findings. Be sure to identify which study you are summarizing.
 Discuss how the author’s review of literature (studies) supported the research purpose/problem.
Share something that was interesting to you as you read through the literature review section.
 Describe one strategy that you learned that would help you create a strong literature
review/search for evidence. Share your thoughts on the importance of a thorough review of the


The literature review by Baker, Taggart, Nivens, and Tillman (2015) carried out a review of all original research that was published from 2001 to 2014 using journals from the CINAHL, MEDLINE, and ProQuest Psychology database to explore nurses’ knowledge regarding information related to delirium and their perception of their knowledge levels. Among the articles reviewed is the descriptive qualitative study by Dahlke and Phinney (2008) whose objective was to evaluate how nurses assess, treat, and prevent delirium in elderly hospitalized patients and to also identify challenges faced by nurses in caring for delirium patients. The used 12 registered nurses with 6 to 43 years of experience in nursing selected using convenience sampling…….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5