(Answered) NR 510 Week 3 Discussion:Leadership and Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Organizational Behavior and Business Influences and Advanced Practice Nursing Case Study

You are a family nurse practitioner (FNP) employed as a contract (1099 independent contractor) in a busy primary care practice for 2 years. The providers in the group include one physician, who is also the owner of the practice, and two other nurse practitioners, who are staff employees (W2 employees). The owner of the practice recently made comments about the need to produce more revenue. You relate with his concerns and feel that you have several strategies that could be helpful. Your contract is up for renewal in 3 months. You are highly satisfied with your job and want to stay with the group. You see 20 patients per day on average and take call every third weekend.

Discussion Question:

What negotiation strategies should you use to propose a contract renewal? How does your role as a 1099 contractor benefit the practice over the W2 employees? What evidence will you present to the practice to reinforce your value in the practice both in terms of revenue and patient satisfaction? Consider any additional services you may be willing to provide under your contract. Use logical reasoning, and provide evidence-based rationales for your decisions.


Having adequate information as well as increased understanding of the pertinent factors related to contract negotiations is regarded as one of the most fundamental steps towards a successful contract renewal. According to Satiani, Nair, Starr, and Samson (2014), proper preparation prior to the negotiation process is critical in obtaining an edge.  In the case where I am a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), preparation for the negotiation process would implies that have a deep understanding of my role alongside my contribution towards the collective healthcare organization structure…..Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5