(Answered) NR305 Week 2 Discussion: Reflection on the Nurse’s Role in Health Assessment

Reflection Questions


Reflect on your current or prior practice setting.

  • Paragraph One: Briefly describe the type(s) of nursing health assessments you commonly perform.
    • Explain how your nursing health assessments are focused or comprehensive.
    • Provide examples of key subjective and objective data collected by nurses in this setting.
  • Paragraph Two: Describe the typical patient population in your practice setting.
    • What are some special considerations that you have used for obtaining an accurate health history and physical assessment in this patient population?
      • Examples may include age, lifestyle, financial status, health status, culture, religion, or spiritual practices.


The type of health assessment that I commonly perform is focused assessment. According to Weber and Kelley (2018), a focused assessment is conducted where there is a comprehensive database that exists for the client who presents to the healthcare facility with a specific health concern. In this view, a focused assessment typically focuses on the assessment of a particular patient’s problem and does not cover the areas not related to the problem. For instance, in case a client presents with abdominal pain, I carry out a focused assessment and ask pertinent questions relating to abdominal pain and conduct an assessment….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5