(Answered) NR393: Week 3 Discussion: Reflection on Careful Nursing

Reflection Question

Catherine McAuley’s philosophy of careful nursing was applicable in pre-Nightingale times and is still applicable today. Select one of the 10 key concepts of careful nursing. Reflect on how that concept might have been applied in McAuley’s time and how it is applied in your professional nursing practice today.


The selected concept of careful nursing is fostering safety and comfort. The concept was applied in McAuley’s time and it remains applicable in today’s nursing practice. McAuley’s work included physical care and emotional consolation offered from a spiritual perspective. McAuley identified the importance of relieving patient distress and trying to promote their ease, cleanliness, and comfort (Kwasky & Corrigan, 2016). McAuley and her team provided comfort and consolation to dying patients and continued to provide guidance and sustenance for recovering patients during the convalescence period. ….Click Icon below to purchase full tutorial at $5