(Answered) NR393 Week 6 Assignment: Course Project Phase 3: Reflection Paper


  1. After completing the Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse in Week 3, you may begin working on the Phase 3: Reflection Paper. The Phase 3: Reflection Paper will be due by Sunday end of Week 6 by 11:59PM Mountain Time.
  2. Download the Phase 3: Reflection Paper template below.
  3. View the Phase 3: Reflection Paper Tutorial (Links to an external site.)
  4. The Phase 3: Reflection Paper be a typed paper in APA format including:
    1. Double-spaced, font and type size consistent with APA manual
    2. Title Page adheres to Chamberlain and APA standards.
    3. Content and headings as below and on the rubric:
      1. Introduction (include Introduction content, but no heading)
      2. Reflection on Learning from Nurse’s Answers
      3. Insight Gained from Conversation Regarding Leadership, Provision of Care, and/or Evidence-Based Practice
      4. Analysis of the Impact of Nursing History on Professional Practice Today and in the Future
      5. Conclusion
    4. Length: Approximately 3 double-spaced pages excluding Title Page; 800-1000 words required in the body of the paper.
    5. No outside sources will be used. No citations or references. No Reference page needed.
    6. Excellent mechanics of scholarly writing including spelling, grammar, structure, paragraphing, and punctuation.
  5. Submit Phase 3 assignment via Canvas by due date.


Reflection Paper

The best approach to learn and expand your thinking paradigms concerning a given phenomenon or field of study is through reflection from one’s own experience or the experiences of another expert. More often, professionals with a long-standing work history of achievement are open and articulate when sharing insights with junior or amateur professionals. Although some concepts shared by the expert may appear as though they are not real, the best way to learn is to be attentive and ask questions as often as it may be plausible. With this understanding, I was embarked on a journey to find answers from a nursing professional on various aspects. My areas of focus included the provision of care, leadership, and evidence-based practice as it applies to the nursing field. Additionally, I was interested in the impact of nursing history on professional practice today and in the future. My conversation with Jeanne-Rose, my mentor and role model in nursing practice, was quite informative and exciting. Here are some of the insights she shared.

What I learned from Nurses’ Answers

           The key to successful nursing practice is collaborating with peers to learn and grow with each other. Jeanne-Rose could vividly recall her first encounter at the clinical rotations where she met her client and accorded her palliative care to ease the pains from a hip bone dislocation. She further went ahead to share insights on her she developed her leadership skills. After being assigned roles, she would always demonstrate her abilities as a self-starter and a creative thinker. She was keen on consulting with the seniors in case of complex matters………Click Icon below to purchase full tutorial at $10