(Answered) NR500 Week 1: The Value of a Master’s-Prepared Nurse

What differentiates the practice of a master’s-prepared nurse compared to that of a baccalaureate-prepared nurse?


According to Downey and Asselin (2015), the ever changing needs of patients have to a huge extent led to substantial evolution in the health care sector.  This has in turn called for nursing professionals to advance their education in an attempt to cater for these needs.  As such, over the last couple of years, the number of nurses with master’s degree has increased significantly. This is according to Tyndall and Scott (2017), who has emphasized that the advancement of baccalaureate-prepared nurses to master’s prepared nurses has played a profound role when it comes to enhancing the level of care in the health sector.  In this perspective, the practice of master’s prepared nurse normally differs significantly with that one of baccalaureate-prepared nurse… please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5