(Answered) Nr500 Week 2 Assignment Artistic Expression


Nursing practice is both an art and a science with caring as a central concept to nursing practice and the profession of nursing. Caring is influenced by the nurse’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes formed through lifelong learning and experiences. The purpose of this assessment is to explore definitions of caring in nursing. Students will create a definition of caring and an artistic expression of their perception on caring.

Course Outcomes

Through this assessment, the student will meet the following Course Outcomes.

CO1:Examine roles and competencies of master’s-prepared nurses essential to performing as leaders and advocates of holistic, safe, and quality care. (POs1,2,3, and 10)

CO2:Apply concepts of person-centered care to nursing practice situations. (POs 1,6, and 7)

Total Points Possible

This assessment is worth 100 points.

Due Date

Submit your file(s) by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday at the end of Week 2.


Criteria for Content

Take a moment to reflect on how you demonstrate caring in your current professional practice.

  1. Create an artistic representation of your perception on caring in nursing. The artistic expression can be a drawing, sculpture, collage, poem, short story, or dance.
    1. Videos are to be 1 to 3 minutes in length.
    2. Poems and short stories should not exceed one-page, double-spaced wording.
    3. Drawings, pictures, or collages should be formatted on an 8×10 document.
    4. Sculptures submitted as a jpg.
  2. In a one- to two-page written paper, address the following.
    1. The importance of caring to nursing practice and the profession
    2. A personal definition of caring; include principles of holistic care
    3. Definitions of caring found in nursing literature that support your perspective on caring
    4. An explanation of the artistic expression you chose and how it represents caring
    5. Summary of key concept presented in the paper



Morton, Fontaine, Hudak, and Gallo (2017) indicate that the concept of care is pivotal in the healthcare profession. This is attributed to the fact that from the concept of caring, a nurse can be able to improve the performance and approach of handling the different cases of patients in the healthcare facility. Furthermore, care is a fundamental concept in ensuring that there is an amicable way of handling the families of patients. Taking this into account, this paper seeks to explore the definition of caring in nursing. The section of the paper includes a personal definition of caring, the definition of care found in nursing literature, and an explanation of the artistic expression that has been chosen.

Personal Definition of Caring

Personally, the concept of caring in relation to the nursing setting is the ability of an individual to consider the safety the patients in the healthcare and hence to show concern and empathize with the patients or the family. Furthermore, I do believe the caring is a pivotal concept that helps nurses to ensure that the services that are being offered are of reputable quality. My ideology is that caring is a good way that nurses use in assuring that patients and the family that they will be there during the time that they will be in the healthcare facility recuperating. The factor of listening is as well a demonstration of caring. In addition, the education of patients in the risks that they could face while in the healthcare facility is a demonstration of care…..please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10