(Answered) Nr500 Week 5: Evidence-Based Practice

Discuss the EBP process and importance to nursing practice. Identify your selected specialty track. Provide a rationale on why you selected the specific professional track. Identify a concept or topic you have a passion about or an area of interest related to your future specialty advanced practice area. Provide an example, using the best evidence available, substantiating the significance of your selected area of interest as it relates to your specific specialty track.


Following healthcare advancements and the intensified competition within the healthcare sector to deliver optimal and quality care to patients, Evidence Based Practice (EBP) has become a key strategy to achieving set health care goals. Stavor, Zedreck-Gonzalez and Hoffmann (2017) define evidence based practice has the conscientious incorporation of optimal contemporary evidences into clinical practices whilst taking into cognizance the patients’ values and preferences. EBP enables the care providers to handle each patient through the best approaches possible. The nurse-patient interactions provide nurses with a better understanding of their patients’ needs. Further, EBP provides a learning platform for the nurses who consequently advance their clinical expertise, experience and knowledge. In addition, the new innovative interventions identified during EBP process improve the healthcare operations. My specialty track is on Women’s health…..please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5