(Answered) Nr500 Week 8:What Did You Learn

Reflecting on this course, consider and answer the following questions: How do you envision using the AACN essentials and information learned in this course to identify, guide, and evaluate your MSN project? How do you envision using the concepts learned in this course in your future nursing practice?


The AACN essentials have been regarded as the primary driving forces that propel excellence as well as innovation in nursing education. This is according to Burns (2014) and Lusardi (2014), who posit that through AACN essentials, nurses are equipped with diversified knowledge and competencies that are considered pertinent in their profession. Taking this into account, in this course, I have learned a wide range of AACN essentials and information, which will help in evaluating my practicum project.  Specifically, in this course, I have learned that quality improvement and safety is critical in the nursing profession owing to the fact that it helps in ensuring that positive patients are realized. ..please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5