(Answered) NR500NP Week 4: APN Professional Development Plan Paper

Total Points Possible:  200

  1. Introduction: Provide an overview of what will be covered in the paper. Introduction should include general statements on scope of practice, competencies, and leadership, and identification of the purpose of the paper. 
  2. APN Scope of PracticeResearch the Nurse Practice Act and APN scope of practice guidelines for the state in which you intend to practice after graduation. (Example: Students who intend to practice in California must research the California Nurse Practice Act and relevant Board of Registered Nursing regulations, such as obtaining a DEA number, and prescriptive requirements).  Describe the educational, licensure, and regulatory requirements for that state in your own words. Identify whether your state allows full, limited, or restricted NP practice. Discuss NP prescriptive authority in your state. Provide support from at least one scholarly source. Source may be the regulatory body that governs nursing practice in your state. (Students who intend to practice in California, include the use of written standard procedures that guide nurse practitioner practice in the state and physician supervision ratios).
  3. Nurse Practitioner (NONPF) Core CompetenciesReview the NONPF Core Competencies. Describe two competency areas you believe to be personal strengths and two competency areas in which you have opportunities for growth. Discuss two scholarly activities you could do during the master’s program to help yourself achieve NP competencies. Provide support from at least one scholarly source. Source may be NONPF Core Competencies document provided via the link in the week 2 readings. 
  4. Leadership SkillsAnalyze three leadership skills required to lead as an NP within complex systems. Describe two strategies you could use to help you develop NP leadership skills. Provide support from at least one scholarly source. Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources. 
  5. Conclusion: Provide a conclusion, including a brief summary of what you discussed in the paper. 


APN Professional Development Plan

The healthcare sector has been experiencing substantial changes due to many factors, among them, economic challenges, an increase in aging babyboomers, and a shortage of workforce. These changes demand healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, advance their educational levels in order to build and develop their competencies and skills in various aspects of nursing, especially quality care delivery and leadership (Phillips, 2020). Advanced practice nurses (APRNs) must be able to demonstrate all the NONPF competencies and leadership skills for them to provide efficient and effective patient care services. The APRNs are increasingly being allowed to practice as independent practitioners. Different states have different APRNs scopes of practice and regulations and thus, nurses pursuing APRN roles must understand their state laws and regulations concerning the APRN role. This paper discusses the APRN scope of practice in New Jersey (NJ) state, including educational, licensure,and regulatory requirements and practice and prescriptive authority. It also includes the areas of strengths and improvement in NONPF competencies and leadership skills as well as strategies to develop them.

Advanced Practice Nurse Scope of Practice

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for an APRN in NJ include a graduate degree from master’s level or postmaster’s nursing program for educating and preparing clinical nurse specialists (CNS)/ nurse practitioners (NPs) (Phillips, 2020).Post-master graduates must submit their masters’ and postmaster’sprogram transcripts. The prospective APRNs are also required to complete a graduate-level 3-credit pharmacology course from an accredited school or a pharmacology course of at the minimum of 45 hours incorporate in the MSN program (NJ Consumer Affairs, 2020). Nurses that completed the 3-credit pharmacology course for graduate…..To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $5