(Answered) NR501 WEEK 2: Development of Nursing Knowledge

Debate with classmates on the dominant philosophical schools of thought in nursing (received view and perceived view). Which worldview best encompasses the profession of nursing? Why? Provide an example.


Nurses have increasingly been guided by the achievements and challenges of evidence-based practice as well as reflective learning. Nursing science advances have positioned nurses to move forward when in the development of knowledge. However, this knowledge has been guided and developed on the basis of two philosophical paradigms. These are received view and perceived view. ¬†Hirani, Richter, and Salami (2018) stress that nurse should be aware of these philosophical orientations owing to the fact that they form the basis for developing theory as well as advancing knowledge. In regards to received view, it has been described as the label for empirical positivism….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5