(Answered) NR501 WEEK 7 Assignment ppt: Theoretical Framework

PowerPoint Presentation is due Sunday 11:59pm MT at the end of Week 7. The guidelines and rubric for this assignment are listed below and in Course Resources


Master’s prepared nurses actively engage in the process of translating nursing knowledge into practice, thereby establishing evidence-based approaches within the discipline. Throughout this process, a theoretical framework provides a meaningful context to guide and support the evidence-based practice. The purpose of this assignment is to identify a theory or model which can be used as a framework for a future evidence-based project within the MSN program.

Course Outcomes

Through this assessment, the student will meet the following Course Outcomes:

  • Apply nursing theory as a framework to guide the translation of knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practice in future professional settings. (CO #2)
  • Analyze theories from nursing and relevant fields with respect to the components, relationships among the components, and application to advanced nursing practice. (CO#4)

Total Points Possible

This assessment is worth 100 points.

Due Date

Submit your file(s) by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday at the end of Week 7.


Criteria for Content

Review literature regarding issues or concerns within your selected area of advanced practice nursing.

Select a theory or model which is relevant to your selected area of advanced practice nursing and would offer a meaningful context for evidence-based practice surrounding the issue or concern which you identified.

  1. In a PowerPoint Presentation, address the following.
    1. Introduction to the presentation
    2. Identify and describe a theory or model, and explain its relevance to the selected area of advanced practice
    3. Describe an issue or concern regarding the selected area of advanced practice, and explain its impact on health care outcomes
    4. Explain how the theory or model can be used as a framework to guide evidence-based practice to address the issue or concern, and discuss the unique insight or perspective offered through the application of this theory or model.
    5. Conclusion to the presentation
    6. References


The selected nursing model is the Chronic Care Model (CCM). This model was developed following an extensive review of the international studies on chronic diseases’ management. The main purpose of the CCM is to respond to the health situation involving increase in prevalence of chronic conditions and failure of the health care systems to address this concern (Furtado & Nóbrega, 2013). The CCM is comprised of six elements classified into two key fields of health care system and the community. The health care system entails needed changes in the health care organization, design of line of care, support for clinical decisions, clinical information systems, and support for self-care (Furtado & Nóbrega, 2013). The community demands changes on the articulation of the health care services with the resources of the community.

The CCM model is highly relevant in geriatric patient care as a considerable number of elderly patients aged 60 years and above suffers from multiple chronic diseases. It is highly important that a model is employed in caring for the patients in order to develop informed and active patients, and a prepared and a pro-active health care team…….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10