(Answered) NR501 WEEK 7:Nursing Theory Applied to Evidence Based Practice

This week we are focusing on the application of nursing theories to evidence-based practice. In NR 500, you explored an area of interest related to your selected specialty track. You then identified an issue/concern related to that area of interest. For this discussion: select a nursing theory or model that can be used as a framework to support the resolution of your identified issue/concern.

In your initial response, address the following:

How the selected nursing theory or model is relevant to your specialty track

A brief description of the issue/concern

How the selected nursing theory or model can be used to guide the resolution of the issue/concern

Include an example from the literature or your own experience to illustrate your points. Remember to include at least one outside scholarly source.


The main issue related to my area of interest involves cervical cancer screening.  Screening usually entails looking for cancer before a person develops any symptoms.  This can help in identifying cancer at an early age, which in turn increases the chances of treating it on time.  According to Guido (2018), despite the increasing incidences of cervical cancer in the United States, most women in the country usually decline to undergo screening. This is attributed to a wide range of aspects including fear of embarrassment, pain concerns, self-thinking that they are not at risk, busy lifestyles, as well as fear of being diagnosed as cancer positive.  Taking this into consideration, there is a substantial need to solve this issue by encouraging women to undertake cervical cancer screening.Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5