Total Points: 60 Points

Assignment Requirements 

  1. Utilizing the list below, choose two research methods.
  2. Next, find two articles, one on each of the chosen methods, from the Chamberlain College library, or you may use one that is provided within the course and one you find from the library. The articles should be related to population health and infectious disease, chronic health, occupational health, global health, genomics, or environmental health:
    • Randomized Control Trial
    • Cohort Study
    • Case-Control Study
    • Cross-Sectional
    • The articles you choose should be completely in English (this includes the reference list). They should be related to population health and speak to one of the following elements from the course: Infectious disease, chronic health, occupational health, global health, genomics or environmental health.
  3. Read each article and answer the following questions with detail for each article, include succinct definitions/examples or rationale as fitting to the question. Organize your answers using the number of the question you are answering (1-8). Your answers should provide more than a “yes” or “no”, your answers should provide examples, critical thinking, definitions, and examples.
    1. Does the study design specify a question, goal, of the study?  Why is this important?
    2. Explain the methodology (Randomized Control Trial, Cohort Study, Case-Control Study).
    3. Describe the participant information, include recruitment. Is selection bias present?
    4. How is data collected?
    5. Are the variables identified? If yes, discuss. If no, how does this impact your interpretation of the study?
    6. How was the data analyzed, what statistics are provided? What are potential errors related to the study design?
    7. What are the weaknesses of the type of study design/method?
    8. Discuss the outcomes and the implications for implementation.
  4. Post your analysis of the research studies to the DB. Your analysis should have in-text citations and utilize a scholarly voice with APA formatting. You may choose to write a Word doc and upload your doc to the discussion board for this week.
  5. Respond to a total of two posts; either two (2) peer posts or a peer and faculty post, with a minimum of one paragraph of 4-5 sentences for each of their articles. Your reply post should integrate in-text citation(s) and be formatted with APA and a scholarly voice.  Your reply post/s should integrate course content (such as data and correctly used course terminology) related to the study method as well as an integration of in-text citations along with a scholarly voice and APA formatting. The textbook may be utilized as a resource. You may choose to write a Word Doc and upload your Doc to the discussion board for this week.


Article 1: Randomized Control Trial

The study by Adamson et al. (2016) sought to explore the impact of pulmonary artery pressure–guided heart failure (HF) care on 30-day readmissions in Medicare-eligible patients. The study has therefore articulated the goal of the study. The rationale for this is that it helps the subjects to assess the importance of the study. The methodology adopted by the above study is a randomized control trial. This is a type of study in which are allocated by random or chance to receive one of the clinical intervention and one of the intervention is normally a standard of control which may be standard control, a placebo or no intervention….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5